Johnny Depp 'Visit' to Bulgaria Proves Advertisement Hoax


The Hollywood mega star Johnny Depp has never set foot in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian TV channel bTV confirms, disproving earlier, widely circulated reports the actor was spotted on the Black Sea coast. According to the broadcast, a Bulgarian actor with a striking resemblance to Depp had been the person photographed on the balcony of hotel Primorets in Bulgaria's southern coastal city of Burgas. Yes, there pictures of the actor, but he is not registered at the hotel. Johnny Depp had not been here. These pictures were made with a cell phone, we do not know where they came from, the hotel owner told the TV reporter. According to bTV, Johnny Depp was actually the 23-year-old Bulgarian actor, Georgi Velizarov, who admitted impersonating his Hollywood, much more famous colleague, for years, but declined offering further details. An advertisement agency planed Velizarovs appearance to attract attention, bTV informs, thus confirming rumors the owner simply wanted to promote his newly renovated hotel. The agency in question had promised more details shortly. An Wednesday, speculations that Johnny Depp is on an incognito visit to Burgas were dealt a heavy blow after photos surfaced in the media showing him in Hawaii, in the company of his long-term partner, French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis.