In Bulgaria cruise season is opening


Adriana III liner this year will open the cruise season in Bulgaria. As expected, the ship will come into the port of Nesebr on Friday April 16, 2010. The cruise liner Adriana III will deliver to the port of Nesebr 226 passengers, most of whom are the tourists from the USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Austria. Preliminary arrival time in port is 7 a.m. For participants of the cruise will be organized tour of the historic center of Nesebr. For Adriana III stop in Nesebr will not be the only point of the route to the Black Sea. The ship will also visit the Black Sea ports such as Moudania in Turkey and Odessa in Ukraine. Opening of the cruise season in Bulgaria will be marked not only with the arrival of the first this year's liner in the country's ports, but the first opening in 2010 of temporary customs terminal in the port of Nesebr. The terminal will be devoted exclusively to servicing of cruise tourists. As expected, in the port of Nesebr in the season of 2010 in the period from April to November are expected 45 cruise ships. This information, with reference to customs officers of Nesebr was published on the pages of the portal. Bulgaria has a high potential for development of cruise tourism, which has not yet fully realized. Despite its long coastal territory and the presence of a large number of ports, cruise traffic in Bulgaria is not as well developed as in neighboring Greece and Turkey. So far, Nesebr is the largest cruise destination of Bulgaria. At the same time the country's tourist industry is also interested in development other service lines for cruises, such, for example, as Varna. Either way, the Mediterranean area remains a priority for the major cruise operators. However, more recently, the Black Sea has become increasingly popular as a new cruise line. In addition in its development apart from Bulgaria's is actively participating Turkey, Romania and Ukraine.