Greece, Turkey Remain Bulgaria Tourists Favorite Destinations


Greece and Turgey are still Bulgarian tourists preferable and favorite destination in July 2009. This has been announced Thursday by the National Statistical Institute. The number of Bulgarians who have entered in Greece with business, tourist or other purpose has increased by 63% in July 2009 year-on-year. For the same period, the Bulgarians who passed the Turkish border has gone up by 7,5%. Those who passed the Greek border heading for a vacation were 51 454 until July 2009, which is 55% of the total number of Bulgarians who traveled to Greece in 2008. The number for Turkey was 14 561. The is an increase in the number of Bulgarians who travel to Macedonia - up by 26,2%. As a whole abroad trips of Bulgarians has increased by 14,2% in July. There is a decrease in the travels to the US, Canada and Israel, while the biggest fall is in the visits of Bulgarians to Japan. Only eleven Bulgarian citizens visited the country of the rising sun in July 2009, which is a decrease of 76,1% year-on-year. Business trips are the biggest part of the overall number of travels (50,8%), followed by the tourist ones (25,8%). The number of foreign visits to Bulgaria were 1,471 million in July 2009, a 5,8% decrease compared to July 2008.