Bulgarian sights may become a new wonder of the world


The unique Bulgarian sight the Belogradchik Rocks came out on top in the preliminary list of the second round of the competition for being called the most amazing wonder of the world. Quaint Belogradchik rock formation near the Bulgarian town of Vidin in north-western slopes of Stara Planina Balkan Mountains is one of the most attractive tourist sights of sunny Bulgaria.As if sculptured by the hands of a reckless sculptor, Belogradchik Rocks reach an altitude of 200 meters and form a fantastic stone belt of nearly 30 kilometers. However, according to scientists, the intricate rocky sandstone and limestone outgrowth had been formed by the nature during more than 200 million years. Besides the amazing shape of the Belogradchik Rocks it has a unique coloring: redden side of the cliff is shot with a sunny-yellow and rainbow- orange colors, which turn smoothly into a moody and coal-gray color. In the international competition ┬źNew 7 Wonders of the World┬╗ Bulgarian natural phenomenon Belogradchik Rocks compete for the right to be called the most remarkable phenomenon in the world in group D: caves, rock formations and valleys. In recent time, the unique Bulgarian sight has greatly improved its position and left behind such serious pretenders for the victory as the Grand Canyon (USA), Australia Ayers Rock, the rock of Aphrodite on Cyprus and the Croatian city of Evil. At the moment Belogradchik rocks occupy a leading position in the rating of the second round of the preliminary vote. Voting will run until 7th July 2009. The results of the contest will be summed up in 2011.