Bulgarian Tourism Industry to Propose Changes in Tourism Act


The tourism industry in Bulgaria has to submit suggestions for amendments to the Tourism Act by July 30. A few weeks ago the big companies in the industry discussed their ideas with representatives of the Economy Ministry. Another work meeting will be held in August before finalizing the draft of the amendments, which will be discussed in the Parliament in October. The main changes envision preparation of criteria for representativeness of the tourist holdings, considering options for creation of an unified tourist board and tourist zoning in Bulgaria. Also, the tourism industry demands a clear regulation of the work of the tour operators and agents, including the ones who work online only. The creation of a brand new Tourism Act has been considered for a few years. According to the tourism industry in the country, new rules are needed due to the many corrections of the current Act and the serious changes n the market. Different projects for a new Act have been proposed during the ruling of the previous government but they have not been accepted.