Bulgarian Tax Agents Fine Towing Cars at Black Sea Coast


The two towing cars in the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Primorsko did not have cash registers and have declared a 100% profit, the National Revenue Agency has announced. During a check, the tax agents have established that the drivers of the towing cars have been issuing notes that were not recorded anywhere and did not count as official accounting documents. The owner of the towing cars has been given two statements for the lack of cash registers. A third statement has been given to him for attempted concealment of turnover. The violation was detected when tax agents under cover parked their car in a parking, owned by the same person, and were asked to pay BGN 2, but received a receipt for BGN 1. On Thursday, the agents from the National Revenue Agency (NAP) performed 28 checks of restaurants in the southern Black Sea towns of Sozopol and Sunny Beach. They issued 10 statements, mostly for not issuing receipts and for established differences between the reported and the actual turnover. The tax agents will also perform night checks at the southern Black Sea coast. On the northern coast, for one day NAP agents issued 57 statements for not issuing receipts. Owners of restaurants, cafes, bars and discos in Varna, Kranevo, Albena, Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Elena, and Balchik have been fined, The tax agents have seized a cash register from a restaurant in the Black Sea town of Balchik because of doubts that the machine has been manipulated to conceal the real turnover. According to the National Revenue Agency, all the violations envision fines from BGN 500 to BGN 3000. During their checks, the agents have also put down the registration numbers of 60 luxurious cars. Luxurious properties on the Black Sea coast will also be subjects of checks. The agents will see whether the properties comply with the incomes of their owners.