Bulgarian Black Sea Coast Enjoys More Tourists in July, August


There were about 10% more tourists at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in July and August in comparison to the same period last year. The statement was made by Elena Ivanova, head of the Union of Owners of Nesebar. “The interest towards the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is due to the fact that the resorts offer prices that are similar or even better than those in Greece and Turkey,” Ivanova said. She has also stated that in August tour operators registered an increased number of Bulgarian tourists at the south Black Sea coast. “All the places in Nesebar, Sunny Beach and St.Vlas are full. The hotels have sold everything until the end of August. No free rooms could be found,” Ivanova said. The most wanted vacation offers by Bulgarians are the “packages” of 5 to 7 days, which include bed, breakfast and dinner. The second most wanted are the packages that include bed and three meals. “Packages” are also preferred by foreigners, but they usually choose the ones for a period of around 10 days. The prices for accommodation in hotels around Nesebar vary between BGN 25 and BGN 70. In the Sunny Beach resort, the accommodation costs BGN 120 per person and is all inclusive. “At the moment, there are 160 000 tourists in Nesebar and August is usually the busiest month of the season. However, September also seems to be extremely strong for tourism in Sunny Beach,” Ivanova said, adding that in her opinion, the reason is that the German tourists prefer to take their vacation either at the beginning or at the end of the season. Bulgarian who prefer to vacation at preferential prices are expected to visit the Black Sea coast in September. At that time, the accommodation in Sunny Beach is expected to decrease by 25%. Bulgarian tour operators are expecting a high number of Israeli tourists at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in 2011. Data from Bulgarian hoteliers shows that there is an increase of tourists from Greece, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Baltic states at Bulgarian Black Sea resorts this year. The fact that Macedonians and Serbians do no need visas to enter Bulgaria has led to an increase of tourists from the two countries. Their choices for vacation places fall mostly on the areas around the Bulgarian city of Nesebar – Ravda, St.Vlas and Obzor, where they choose private lodgings or smaller hotels.