Bulgaria takes away the tourists from the Mediterranean countries


The demand for the tours to Bulgaria shows pre-crisis indicators. However, according to the tour operators, the popularity of the this destination can be explained by the fact, that the majority of the people who traveled to more expensive European countries had to reorient themselves to Bulgaria due to the cut in revenues. According to the operators, the sales will increase by 25-30% as a result of the season in comparison with the same period of last year. “The increase is rather considerable, so we hope to obtain the results of the year before the last”, said Elena Andrievskaya, the Head of Bulgarian Department of ICS Group. According to Elena, the demand is warmed up by the tourists who preferred earlier more expensive holidays in Spain, Italy and other countries of the Mediterranean. “The main competitive advantage of Bulgaria is the price”, stated Elena Andrievskaya. The price attractiveness of Bulgaria remained despite the fact that the prices increased by 10-15% in comparison with last year, at the same time the majority of other European destinations didn’t raise or even reduced the prices. “The cost of accommodation remained at the same level, the price increased due to the fuel surcharges and air transportation cost”, explained in Solvex. In other respects, according to the participants of the market, Bulgaria is at disadvantage in comparison with such competitors as Egypt, Turkey and etc. First of all, not a lot of the hotels have private territories; secondly, the Bulgarians can’t offer any full-fledged animator programs for the Russian tourists. The average cost of 1 week tour to Bulgaria during the period from the end of August till the beginning of September (per person in DBL, HB) is 400 Euros in 3* hotel, 450 Euros in 4* and 520 Euros in 5*.