Bulgaria's Sunny Beach Complains of Image Attack


Theowners of the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach has claimed that there has been an intentional attack against the resort in the past few months. The head of the Managing Board of the Union of Owners of Sunny Beach, Elena Ivanova, has announced that the most serious problems of Sunny Beach are the uncategorized tourist sites, the false exchange rates at the change bureaus and the unrealistically high rates of the taxis. The resort is doing very well and is going through a very busy season, said Ivanova and added that the problems, covered by the media, are far-fetched. Veselin Nablatanov, a member of the Union of Owners of Sunny Beach, has announced that the union has conducted their own investigation, which has showed that the wastewater treatment plant in the resort was not working for 2 weeks. All the streets are clogged with sewage, he said. Nablatanov has added that the Water Supply Company (ViK) has ordered the stopping of the pumps in Sunny Beach when it was announced that there will be electricity interruptions caused by breakdowns and problems in the electricity network. However, a reporter check has established that there were no polluted streets in the complex. The Executive Director of Sunny Beach PLC, Mariya Mihaleva, has announced that only the high temperatures in the recent days were causing the electricity interruptions. The problems in Sunny Beach are not new. There are no intentional campaigns or provocations, said Malina Stratieva, a hotelier. According to her, the problem is that the resort is overpopulated and all the beds are full, but the infrastructure was not estimated for such a large volume.