Bulgaria can receive 400 000 tourists from Israel


Holidays in Bulgaria is losing its popularity due to the aggressive marketing, which is conducting by neighboring Turkey. However, Bulgaria this season can expect to change the situation. So, summer 2010 in Bulgaria promises to be the time and place of vacation for more than 400000 tourists from Israel. 400 000 is exactly the approximate number of Israeli tourists who had planned to vacation in Turkey. However, due to deteriorating of relations between the two countries after the incident with the breakthrough of the blockade of Gaza, the majority of Israeli vacationers canceled reservations of hotels in Turkey. And here among the simplest solutions for summer holiday is Bulgaria. The fact that many Israelis this season can go on vacation to Bulgaria is reported by the Bulgarian press quoting Israeli Minister of welfare Isaac Herzog. It is also noted that the Minister had talks in early June with the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria, and that during the negotiations the parties came to an agreement on cooperation between the two countries in the area of ensuring quality environment for tourists from Israel. For Israeli tourists, Turkey has traditionally been considered as one of the main directions of recreation. Historically, Israel and Turkey have experience of long-term cooperation in military sphere. However, the case with the capture of the Turkish ship by the Israeli Special Forces and the subsequent increased pressure on the Jewish Diaspora in Turkey has led many Israelis to change their plans for the summer. It should be noted that Bulgaria is traditionally a holiday destination for many tourists from Eastern Europe. Many prefer Bulgaria due to the price factor. Nevertheless, the country tries to add quality to the image of inexpensive marine leisure region. Against this background tourists from Israel could provide for additional pluses to the reputation of Bulgaria.