Bulgaria Says No Tourism Slump in Summer 2009


Defying gloomy forecasts for a tourism slump, investors continue to build hotel complexes along Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, significantly increasing the number of beds. Bulgarian vacation spots along the southern Black Sea appear to be in no quandary. The global economic crisis and the short-term money mass tourism brings have not yet triggered the closure of hotels and investors don't shudder at the thought of building new ones, private bTV channel reported. The Balkan country will welcome its first tourists as early as this month, who are expected to come from Germany. Hotel managers in all resorts say they are upbeat about this year's summer season and bookings are expected to be close to the numbers in 2007. Among the problems that tour operators and hotel managers single out are poor advertising of the country as a tourist destination and the need for a significant change in the direction of state policy. They demand equal VAT taxes for private and organized tours, a decrease in the fee for issuing visas for tourists from Russia, Ukraine and the Balkan countries and the allotment of EU funds for the completion of tourist construction sites.