Bulgaria Registers Record-High Sea Water Temperatures


The temperatures of the sea water along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which reached 30 degrees Celsius in the recent days, are the highest in 17 years, experts have announced. The Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) has stated that in the period 1993-1997, the highest temperature of the sea water was recorded in the town of Shabla and it was 27 degrees Celsius. For the same period, the town of Kavarna registered a maximum sea water temperature of 25,8 degrees Celsius, Balchik - 26,2 degrees, the cities of Varna, Nesebar and Burgas 25,6 degrees, 26,4 degrees and 26,8 degrees Celsius respectively. A little higher were the temperatures in the period 1999-2009. According to data from NIMH, Kavarna recorded the highest sea water temperature 28,4 degrees Celsius. Shabla and Balchik registered a highest temperature of 27,2 degrees Celsius for the same period of time, while Varna, Nesebar and Burgas recorded a maximum of 27,4 degrees, 28 degrees and 28,1 degrees Celsius respectively. NIMH has also presented data for Wednesdays temperatures of the sea water in Russia and Ukraine, which were 28 degrees Celsius along the Russian coast and between 27,2 and 29,2 degrees Celsius in Ukraine. The temperatures in Bulgaria are a little bit higher, but they are not much different, said Georgi Korchev, general director of NIMH. In his words, these were the highest temperatures not only along the Bulgarian coast, but also along the Russian and Ukrainian coast.