Bulgaria Hotels to Shed 200 000 Beds in 2010 over Dire Finances


The total number of beds in Bulgarian hotels is going to drop by about 20%, down to about 800 000. This has been forecast by Rumen Draganov, head of the Bulgarian Center for Analysis and Estimates in Tourism. Draganov says that some 200 000 beds out of the currently existing 1 million will be lost because of the dire financial situation of many hotel owners. In his words, 700 hotels are currently on sale, and the a number of owners prefer to keep the hotels closed in order to save money instead of risk incurring losses. The reduction of the number of hotel beds, however, is said to increase the number of clients for the surviving hotels. In 2010, the Bulgarian government is set to come up with a new Tourism Act and to adopt a new redistribution of tourist regions around the country. The program of the Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Tourism provides for the adopting of five programs for the development of specialized types of tourism services by 2012.