A devastating earthquake is predicted in Bulgaria


In the Bulgarian city of Haskovo there is a «insurance boom», the number of concluded insurance agreements has increased more than three times. The reason for the sudden upsurge of the insurance business is a projection of a series of horrific destructive earthquakes, which should happen next Sunday, April 19. The prediction of horrific natural disaster in Bulgaria was made by famous Eastern European astrologer Emil Leschanski at the end of the last year. According to the astrological forecast on 19 April in the town of Haskovo in the south of the country will occur a series of 7-point earthquakes on the Richter scale. The first earthquake will occur in the city and surrounding area about 4 o'clock in the morning. Following them, at intervals of 4 hours will take place 2 more destructive earthquakes: at 8 a.m. and 12 a.m.According to the prediction made by Mr. Leschanski monstrous series of devastating earthquake will cause considerable damage and would seriously damage the economy of the region. Also, according to prediction of the astrologer the catastrophe would cause huge human casualties. As the ominous date predicted by astrologer is coming the population of the region is succumbing to panic more and more. Pleasant Holiday turmoil associated with coming of Orthodox Easter has replaced by hysteria and frightening catastrophe waiting. Also, it is thought that an earthquake which happened a few days ago in the neighboring region of Kardjali is the precursor of the upcoming earthquake in Haskovo.