Reviews for Trakia Plaza Hotel Trakia Plaza is 4* stars Hotel

Sunny beach, Bulgaria

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kirsty | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful hotel was fantastic clean enough to eat your dinner of the floor would of rather eat it off the floor than the half board resturant the food was disguisting only thing good was the fruit having 5 children did not help only for other resturants we would have starved to death beach were nt much cop either the plane was really bad as on the way home half the ceilig fell down i dont reccommend this hotel on a half board basis eat out a meal for all 7 of us cost around 50 levs is about 17 quid Was this review helpful to you? Yes No nikki | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful HI you guy's just got back fri eve. had a brill holiday in sunny beach. Anyone going to trakia plaza sorry but it is crap for us brits. I sked lots of info be4 i went and got it. But going ang experiencie i strhe only way. Don't do day trips cos mthey are not worth it. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No MALCOLM STEVENSON | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW BRILLIANT HOTEL STAFF ARE GR8 FOOD OUT AND ABOUT CHEAP EXELENT BOOZE EVEN CHEAPER HOTEL FOOD NOT WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT FROM A 4 STAR HOTEL IT,S A LET DOWN NOT GEARED UP FOR BRITS IT WAS WARM TO COLD NOT MUCH CHOICE BUT YOU CAN EAT OUT IT,S THAT CHEAP PLACES TO EAT ARE THE FENIX BEER 1.50 LEV ABOUT 60 PENCE PINE FOOD LARGE KEBEB LENGTH OF YOUYR ARM 5.0 LEV TO 7.0 LEV 4.00 QUID THEN THERES TI ISKAR RESTARAUNT NOT IN THE HOTEL PAST THE CASINO PINT 1.0 LEV STEAK DIANA 3.0 QUID ACROSS THE ROAD FROM ISKAR NEXT TO CASINO EVEN CHEAPER CANNOT REMEMBER NAME CLOTHES CHEAP BUT ALL FAKES BUT GOOD FAKES HORSE CARRAGE RIDE £12 ([+]view more) FOR FOUR ABOUT 30 LEV SO MUCH TO DO FOR SO LITTLE THEN DONT MISS TRIP TO NESSEBAR WILL I GO BACK YES SAME HOTEL YES THERES SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT THE PLACE I WILL BE HERE ALL WEAK TALKING ABOUT IT THE ONLY LITTLE DOWN SIDE IS THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE CHAIRS AT THE POOL SIDE AT THE HOTEL 5 LEV EACH SLIDES 50 STINKIES ABOUT 10 P BRILL BRILL BRILL THERES NO MORE TO SAY IF GO YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED ONLY OTHER DOWN SIDE IF YOU HAVE BOOKED WITH BALKANDS DRINK TAKE PILLS TO CALM YOU COZ WHEN YOU GET IN THE PLANE YIPES NOT WHAT YOU WILL BE NORMALLY USED TO ITS BASIC TO SAY THE LEAST BUT THEY ARE STILL PROFESSIONAL SO GO NO REALY GO IT IS AB FAB THE AREA THE PEOPLE THE PLACE IS FANTASTIC CANNOT BEAT THE PRICE FOR WHAT WE GOT IT WAS BETTER THAN WE EXPECTED CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK AGAINEVEN THOUGH IT WILL BE IN 2007 COZ WE ALREADY BOOKED ELSE WHERE BUT CANNOT WAIT YOU WILL LOVE IT Was this review helpful to you? Yes No M Townsend | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Trakia Plaza was a very modern hotel. We were made very welcome and found all employees to be more than helpfull. It was a very clean well kept establishment with beautiful views and gardens. My only dissapointment was the lack of more english variety of foods on a half board basis and labeling of what food there was. The dining areas were clean and health and safety were adhered to at all times. I would certainly recommend it to others. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No rosanna willis | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful we visited this hotel in july 2005 the hotel building was beautiful pool area was excellent there was 2 large pool slides which children had to pay 50 stinkies for one go which as you can imagine added up to a large amount over a 2 week period with 2 children there was also 2 childrens trampolines which cost 2 levs for 15 minutes sunbeds had to be paid for this was 10 levs for 2 per day there was 2 jacuzzis around pool area which cost 3 levs for 15 minutes as soon as time up you were called out immediately so all in all it ended up costing alot of money during the two weeks for these facilities.
There was a childrens rep based in the ([+]view more) hotel but our children were unable to go as she didnt speak english hotel staff hardly spoke any english bar staff ,maids and porters were very friendly the reception staff were arrogant and rude and not at all interested in assisting customers.
The rooms and interior of the hotel were very nice. Restaurant was disgusting food was in edible all waiters were interested in was selling you drinks and telling you the price of drink and what they wanted for a tip there was a security guard at restaurent entrance who took any food of people if they had taken it out of restaurant he even made 2 children give him an apple that they were in the middle of eating as they left the restaurant very unfriendly.
The resort was fantastic and will definately go again but to different hotel. Wolud not travel with balkan travel again as terrible aircraft toilets dirty food awful balkan staff rude and unhelpful.
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colin | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful on holiday at the trakia plaza hotel july 11th till the 25th 2005 the hotel was superb clean in all a great family holiday the staff there are great and i will be booking up for 2006 .bulgaria was not a place i have thought about going to but i will be back thats a promise Was this review helpful to you? Yes No sandra conlin | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Stayed at this hotel this year. Our sixth time in Bulgaria but not at this end of the resort. The hotel is ultra modern, inside full of glass, marble,chrome, mirrors. very comfortable and pleasant and absolutely spotless. Cleaners seemed to be always around. Has two bars, one on lower level and one on 2nd floor. The pool was fantastic, seperate kiddies pool with water slides, large deeper pool with slides and pool bar. Rooms were very large and spacious. my husband and I and two children had loads of room and plenty cupboard space. We were on half board basis and found the meals not too bad, although a bit repetitive after a few days. Self ([+]view more) service for half board, breakfast had a good choice, cereals, breads, eggs, omelettes, meats salads, etc and main meals, usually soup, salad, choice of meats, potatoes, veg. On the whole very good value for money, but to eat out is so cheap anyway if you do get fed up with the same old same old. I would highly recommend this accomodation to everyone and I would not hesitate to stay there again in the future. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No john and lillian | 1 out of 2 found this review helpful we went to bulgaria on the 2nd of june this year for 2 weeks. the trakia plaza was very nice and we enjoyed our stay there much so except we got robbed 12 times by one of the waiters and the cleaning staff. i was very shocked one day when i returned to my room to find nothing was there not even a bed so we spent our holiday sleeping on the stone floor as we are not complainers and we dont like to make a fuss of things. but other than that we enjoyed our holiday to the fullest and will be returning to the trakia plaza next year. the only other problem was the was a big hole in the wall of our room and we spent most of the time looking at ([+]view more) the people in the next room to us, luckily they were very friendly and kept the noise down from about 4 n the morning up untill 11 in he morning they had 6 children and 5 grandchildren but im sure you wont experience this as they only visit bulgaria 10 times a year. other than that everything was fine except the deathly screams that echoed the hotel but after a while you got useed to it and found them quite relaxing. i found the bulgarian people rather rude as they often jumped on my back and slapped my bottom. i tended to find this a bit of a problem but you get use to it and learn to cope with it. although there were alot of cockroaches i didnt mind as i like them and find them harmless beautiful creatures. this was a lovely holiday and recomend this to every one thinking about going to bulgaria. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No