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Sunny beach, Bulgaria

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Paul | 1 out of 2 found this review helpful just came back from here brill no probs at all.:) Was this review helpful to you? Yes No stephanie | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful i realy enjoed it the pool was relacin lots of things to do round bulgariajut go band find out go on all inclusive its the best xxxxxxx you will love it Was this review helpful to you? Yes No melanie sloan | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful DO NOT GO TO THE SUN PALANCE HOTEL MY BOYFRIEND AND I WERE BOTH SICK FROM THE FOOD I GOT SEVERE COLD BY GOING IN THE SWIMMING POOL IT WASNT EVEN HEATED. THE STAFF WERE UNPLEASANT AND NEVER SMILED ESPECIALLY THE GIRL IN THE BAR!!! SHE WAS DREADFUL. THE ROOM WAS DIRTY ESPECIALLY THE CARPET CIG BURNS ALL OVER IT. WE HAD TO BUY A KETTLE SO WE COULD HAVE A DRINK IN THE MORNING. I COULD GO ON AND ON BUT I AM GLAD I AM HOME AND I WOULD NEVER SAY THAT I ALWAYS ENJOY MY HOLIDAY. EVEN NOW I STILL HAVE PAINS IN MY TUMMY YUK EVEN THE SMELL OF THE RESTAURANT MADE BY BORK!!! DO NOT GO Was this review helpful to you? Yes No karen n ronnie | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful on arriving at hotel at 2 in morning we got a so called packed lunch consists of stale sandwiches 1 apple warm bottle of water anyway we ad a bed to say the least. The bar staff are quite miserable except for ivan and the girl who makes the best cocktails. The food well if u could call it that the same every day luke warm not alot of choice and certainly no choice for kids unless they like pizza n cold chips. The pool area wasnt 2 bad except people up at 6 in morning putting towels on them like 14 at a time we started to use the hotel pool next to sunpalace which we found rather pleasant only 5 levs a bed also the pool was cleaner n i wud ([+]view more) recomend the food in there good english breakfast in fact out of 14 nights we ate out 10 nights of them u dont expect to go AI then av to go out that amount of times the only people that are worth commenting on are the maids they are the only ones that smile so if anyone is thinkng about goin to sunpalace i wud think twice Was this review helpful to you? Yes No a spencer | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful we stayed in sun palace between 4/8/07 & 18/8/07 it has got to be the worse holiday ever. the entrance is lovely we arrived late the recepion staff were so misserible & rude. our room was nice on first apperance but the aircon was rubbish the carpets were crawling with ants every day. the toilet leaked & smelt of urine. the shower head was held on with a elasterplast. the food was luke warm & every day was the same. two of our part were ill. the night before we noticed the pork was under cooked we both suffered the next two days with stomache cramps & sickness diahoira. the drink was watered down the choice was terrible. we noticed that ([+]view more) most of the children were walking around with cotton wool in there ears. no wonder the pool was cloudy & we never seen it get cleaned. the second week my son had an ear & throat infection. there is a kids club but its run by kids the staff were 17 if that they had no control over the kids. no way would i leave my son with them. the first week we were there. a fight kicked of in the bar with a german man & a english lad the security guard folded his alms & carried on watching the tv. there were ash trays flying it was terrible the police were called but for what use there were i wouldnt of bothered. the staff are the most ignorent people i have ever met horrible to the children. the night before we lift they found a maggof in the chicken stay well clear of meat. the only possitive i can think of it the two maids we had were lovely ladies & looked after us well & smiled which made such a differance. there is a comments book in the entrance of the hotel it has some really interesting reading there was only one good comment & it was from a 10 year old girl the rest was terrible but all true. in my oppinion this hotel should be closed down. i did read this web site & thought it cant be that bad but before you think about booking at the sun palace. just read the comments & dont book its the pits the worst of the worst we have never been so pleased to get on the bus to leave. 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Yes No joanne | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Returned from two weeks all inc. at the sun palace hotel in sunny beach on 12.08.07. not very happy at all with the standard, we were supposed to be 4 star all inclusive, in return myself and my two children had to share one bed, there was no camp bed, as stated in the brochure. the food was undercooked, so from being all inc, we spent money eating out, because we were fed up with the exact same choices for breakfast, lunch and evening meal, which were undercooked, or vile. the only plus side were the drinks which were available from 11 until 11 evening. i also had 3 beach towels stolen from around the pool, which, reception, cleaners and ([+]view more) the bar staff turned a blind eye too, pretending that they did not understand, i know of other people who had theirs stolen too. i then went to check out and was told told that i had stolen a white cotton bath towel out of our room, which i definitely did not, and asked the rep if he would like me to unpack my case to clarify this. he declined. i would definitely stay clear of this hotel, if you do not want a bad case of food poisoning! otherwise sunny beach is quite a nice place to visit if you stay in the right accommodation, and by reading this, you might consider choosing a different hotel, as the entertainment is chronic, if thats what it is called. hope this helps in your choice, dont stay here. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No alison | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful this hotel is definetly not a 4star food was same everyday rubbish luke warm bar staff rubbish how much goulash can u eat in 2 weeks music too loud rubish all inclusive waste of money only good thing about holiday was the weatherb Was this review helpful to you? Yes No melanie sloan | 2 out of 3 found this review helpful I stayed and was so delighted it was beautiful and lovely and clean. Dont know whey people complain they just moan at everything. I have travelled the work let me tell you and its the best I have ever stayed at. Keep up the good work. Coming again in September. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Dave & Sheila | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful On first arrival the hotel is very clean and looks the part. We were then given a pack up due to our flight delay before being escorted to our rooms. The room itself was very spacious and cleaned everyday. The pool was decent sized and when a problem occured the pool was emptied and cleaned which we found very reassuring.
The food was good and their was a wide selection although different from home so we chose to eat out most nights, however this was due to personal choice. The BBQ offered in the afternoon was brilliant and different everyday, they offered pizza, pasta, chicken and salad amongst other options.
Overall we would ([+]view more) recommend this hotel and Bulgaria itself! The weather was beautiful and staff were friendly! We want to go back!
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kim willis | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful we arrived in the sun palace on the 29th june2007 we stayed for 10 days First of as a country Bulgaria is great. Food and drink very cheap, plenty to do for everybody young and old alike. main problem was the Sun Palace the food was the same everyday and night, the drink was watered down the AI hours was from 11:am to 11:pm. We stayed in the 4* but it was more like a 2* star the maids may have left clean bedding and towels eveyday other than that they never hoovered or polished any of the bedroom units. in the dinning room the plates were cracked and they never waited until you had finished your meal and they were taking the plates away. ([+]view more) The pool was dirty. The recption staff and waiters were not at all helpfull. They said there was a kids club but it was nowhere in sight. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No steve mc | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Hi. I and 5 othrs have just been on a 2 week holiday and can i just say it was great. food was ood but it was the same thing every day. The staff on the all inclusive bar were great. The rooms were clean and comfortable. The only own side was the animations team really annoying you every time you were at the pool side trying to relax. My son who is 7 had a good time in the pool and the beach is on your door step. To listen to some of the negative comments is rubbish, Yes the food is luke warm but the bulgarians dont beleive in hot food.I would go again in a year or to. All i can say is go and see what you think. And remember that a holidayis what you make it. Thanks for reading this. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Alan & Wendy Richardson | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful First off, the Sun Palace Hotel is a very smart and clean place to stay. The staff on the reception and the bars are very helpfull and always friendly. The room was huge, cleaned every day and bedding and towels changed once a week. The maids were very polite and always chatted if you were in the room at the time.
Although there were German students on a prom holiday they didnt seem to cause any more trouble than any other gang of youths having a good time. Our room was away from the German students so we didn't get bothered at all but some other guests were kept up to all hours witht the singing and shouting.
The hotel staff were ([+]view more) unable to stop it because they were all paying guests and there was about 50 per party.
The pool area is quiet nice with plenty of cafe style areas near the dining hall. There did seem to be a lack of availabe sun beds but thats the case in all hotels. I am worried that drinks in glasses are allowed around the pool area and not poured into plastic containers. Children are running about all over which could lead to a nasty accident.
The food was a let down as it was the same thing every day and that was served luke warm. The hotel manager has now purchased a microwave but this is hardly a long term answer.
We ended up eating out although we had booked AI. The Brothers Bar near were the sand train turns around is fantastic. We had the same waiter everytime we went in (which was quite a lot) called Dido and he was so helpfull and actually cared what we thought of the food, drinks etc etc. You cant misss this restaurant because the guy standing outside asking if you would like to go in for a meal is the double of Tom Cruise. He is Swedish and speaks 5 languages so you can have a laugh with him.
The food was superb, the drinks cheap and the atmosphere incredible. 2 steak meals 4 drinks, 2 desserts, less than £14.
Sunny Beach is a very lively resort and can be tiring being asked to enter every bar and restaurant. If you are polite but firm you will be OK.
We wil be going back but probably on a B&B or SC option.
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Rob | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Never book into the Hotel Sun Palace it's awful and certainly bears no resemblance to any Palace I'm aware of. The staff are rubbish, the food is rubbish, the booze is rubbish and the accommodation is rubbish. All in all the place is rubbish. We were supposed to be booked into the 4 star part of the complex, but what we received was Nelson Mandela’s prison cell. We were told that our room would contain 3 single beds, but what we got was 1 bed and a chair and there's no point in complaining because the rude staff just laugh at you. The food consists of the same rotten Goulash and stale bread for lunch and dinner, which created the worst ([+]view more) smell I have yet encountered. Outside was a poor excuse of a BBQ which only consisted of a kid grilling "fake" Chicken. The only positives I can possibly think of is that the pool was good, but compared to others at Sunny Beach pretty average and that none of us had anything stolen. I could go on and on, it is a complete con and you should stay well clear. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Tom Nicholson | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful The hotel was clean and basic , the problem was the number of german / bulgarian students holding their prom. Drunk & rude describes their actions . Hotel staff were not interested as we were told they were 'paying Guests' English Guests were not treated fairly Boycott this hotel untill the staff inprove. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Andrea | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful LA BULGARIA E I SUOI ABITANTI SONO VERAMENTE SPECIALI. LA PROSSIMA ESTATE CONTO DI RITORNARE AL SUN PALACE. DEVO DIRE CHE MI SONO TROVATO VERAMENTE BENE. CI VORREBBE SOLO QUALCHE POSTO MACCHINA IN PIU'. PER IL RESTO LA LOCALITA' VI CONSIGLIO DI VISITARLA. DIVERTIMENTO A MANETTA!!!! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No mackays | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful plese listen when i say dont book in to sun palace. it was the worst holiday ever if you want to lose a couple of stone in a fortnight thats the place to go. we were meant to be booked in to the 3* that was ok. the night we arrived (1 in the morning) we were told we were not booked in that hotel this was after waiting in reception for a hour with our eight year old son who by this time had fell asleep (it was 2 in the morning) we were then moved over to the 2* star the next day we asked to speak to a manager he said he could get us a better hotel a taxi ride away we thought any thing must be better than this it was there other hotel the ([+]view more) calicie. i have never in my life seen anything like it the pool area had a handfull of guests all sitting around depressed lookin as we walked by someone says your in for a shock when u see your room. with lurch leading the way i sort of guessed what was in store. as we walked in to reception i could nt belive my eyes ther was about eight cats lying all over the seats wondering all over the place it was smelly also of cats urine. we ended back at the first hellhole sun palace were if we tried to get anywere with the reception staff they threatend to get the police. my son was by this time wanting to go home. the weather was crap storms second week every place was flooded food rotten everything was fake. i read this site before i went and dident think it could be as bad as other people were saying but it was worse. stay clear if you want to enjoy bulgaria. 1 thing for sure we will never go back not for all the money in bugaria. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No JG | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful STAYED IN THE SUN PALACE IN AUGUST 2006 AND I MUST SAY WE WERE VERY DISAPPOINTED. THE HOTEL STAFF WERE IGNORANT AND RUDE AND THE BAR STAFF WERE EVEN WORSE. THE FOOD WAS DISGUSTING AND WAS ALWAYS COLD NO MATTER WHEN YOU WENT TO EAT. THE FAMILY ROOM WAS IN A BAD STATE OF REPAIR. THE SHOPPING WAS REALLY CHEAP AND GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY. THE MEALS WE HAD TO BUY OUTSIDE OF THE HOTEL WERE VERY GOOD. IF YOU LIKE TO DRINK THEN THIS IS THE HOLIDAY FOR YOU AS THEY ARE VERY CHEAP. BE CAREFUL AS THE CRIME RATE IN THE RESORT IS HIGH. PROSTITUTION AND THEFT ARE RIFE IN THIS RESORT. BEEN THERE ONCE WONT BE GOING BACK AGAIN EVEN IF YOU PAID ME. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No LITTLELOU | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful what can i say this was my 3rd holiday to bulgaria i love the place and the ppl the sun palace is immaculate and ive been 3*and 4* both r vg the pool is freezing and the food is gd but i must say we were down at the mercury pool bigger kids pool which i was never out of and to simeon and michael a very big thanks for making us welcome and to lana for our meal the food at the mercury pool is great they cook anything for u not just whats on the menu getting back to the sun palace the cleaners need to take time out they r always on the go the bar staff were ok but not as gd as last yr apart from stacey she was game for a laugh and george and ([+]view more) i cant forget yanos the funniest bloke? ive met yet infact just book and see for yourselves how great this place is you wont be dissapointed we have booked for next yr i will give u one warning the mosquitos are vampires so bring repellent you will need it Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Party from Scotland | 3 out of 3 found this review helpful We holidayed in the Sun Palace Hotel in September of 2006. It was interesting reading comments from the previous summer as it didn't sound like the same hotel.
The staff in our hotel were rude and arrogant. The people on reception especially didn't even make the effort to smile or say a simple please or thank you. The bar staff sat around smoking and watching TV and it was very difficult to get a drink. Other than the TV, there was no other entertainment.
The food was very disappointing. We had booked into the 4 star part of the hotel on a half board basis. We expected the food to be of a high standard but it was not. The hot food ([+]view more) was barely lukewarm, and there was no real variation from day-to-day. We stayed there for 2 weeks but were unable to eat the food and ended up eating out every day. We ate at some very good restaurants. The best were Felice's Italian Restaurant and the Happy Bar and Grill both within easy walking distance from the hotel. The food was exceptional as was the price. The cheapest food we found was at the Condor, which was the cheapest bar far. It was very tasty and the portions were very large (too much).
We also found a few lively bars, the Spider Bar and Central Bar were the best for music and they have a happy hour every night (as do most of the bars!). There are also a few strip bars with exotic dancers, if you like that kind of thing!
The resort of Sunny Beach is great. There are plenty of shops and the beach itself isn't far from the Sun Palace hotel. It is very clean.
There are many things to do in Sunny Beach, including a bowling alley next to the Globus Hotel. many casinos and lots of places to play Crazy Golf.
A lot of the hotels in Sunny Beach have entertainment (unlike the Sun Palace). Some, like the Globus, put on shows which you can see for a small price.
There are shops as far as the eye can see. If like us you go at the end of the season, lots of shops reduce the prices of their stock so you can pick up a real bargain.
You can catch a bus not far from the Sun Palace. You can take a trip to Nessebar, which has lots of ruins and shops. The bus to Nessebar cost 70 stotinkis which is the equivalent of about 25p. You can also catch a water taxi from outside the Hotel Globus for 10 Levs each (about £4).
There are many excursions and shows which you can buy from your rep, but it is often much cheaper to get there under your own steam. Some of them are quite expensive like the trip to Blue Mountain which costs about £28. It is a long trip - it takes about 10 hours from the time you leave until the time you get back to the hotel - it was very disappointing and not really worth the money.
The weather in September was very poor and it really spoiled our holiday. It rained a lot and it can get quite cold at night so pack something warm when you go.
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Craig Aberdeen | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful this was my first holiday ever with my mum sister my 2 mates and their mum it was brill the bar staff were great PETER, PETE AND MAD MICK a big thankyou. the porters were great BEN AND THE 2 MITKOS who had a laugh with us thanks to you all for every thing a great asset to this hotel all of them. this hotel is very clean the food was good the pool was cold but still enjoyable as was the indoor one lots to do here all the staff joined in on the fun and still did their jobs even the chef. i was also invited to the barmans birthday party it was amazing bulgarians really know how to party
there are lots of restaurants pubs clubs and shops ([+]view more) around this hotel its situated right in the heart of sunny beach but its not noisey in the hotel its self mcdonalds near by and chemists lots of artists on the street running along the front of the hotel bring your fav foto and have it painted well worth the money.
kids are made welcome and there is a kids pool its also a good size and cleaned every day as were our rooms. the rooms have a tv fridge and phone but phone calls are expensieve so use a phone box you can buy phone cards from the reception. their is nothing i could say about the hotel that is bad its fantastic and am looking forward to next year to all the staff once again THANK YOU
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niomae | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful The sun palace is a really nice hotel i never stayed at this hotel but my mum did so we were there all the time. As our hotel was rubbish the hotel had a 24 hour bar which we were never away from the bar staff are a great laugh very friendly and the drink was cheap. The cocktails were great they even named them after us. One of the barmen invited us to his b day party us scottish think we can party but you havent been to a party untill you have been to a bulgarian party. They put us to shame. The cleaners seemed very friendly and were always cleaning the pool is freezing but lots of fun. There is a little shop in the hotel basic but was ([+]view more) only open a couple of times. The manager was nice and willing to help. Things did grow legs and walk so keep all valuables well hidden. The porters are very helpful and nice they deserve a good tip for all the work they do. Same as the bar staff who were very entertaining. The receptionist was nice spoke really good english. As did most of the staff the hotel is situated right in the centre by the kuban. Its not situated where it said in the brochure. The nightlife in this area is great quite noisy but the hotel itself wasnt to bad you still get a good nights sleep. The rooms are very clean and bedding was changed daily. Rooms also have a tv and a good sized fridge. There are lots of restaurants nearby and a mcdonalds.The shops are really good all wlling to haggle there are also few chemists around which was handy as we got bitten quite alot from mosquittos. As we went at the end of the season when they were all dying off. The hotel has a massage parlour and an indoor pool there are 3 pool tables which have a small fee of 2 levs which is nothing really. There is also a seating area by the other bar with a wide screen tv and satelite tv. There are also a couple of security guards which are on 24/7 so if there is any trouble they will help. One evening there was trouble outside the hotel and the staff said it was ok to stay there at no cost so they have your best interests at heart. It was a great holiday that is why we have just booked for this hotel next september. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No louise duncan | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Well where can i begin. The sun palace is a really very nice hotel.Very clean and the staff very very friendly. The room was quite big but basic very clean and cleaned daily, the food was excellent and cheap the manager and i had a few run ins but was very fair with me. As i did quite alot of partying as you do on holiday. A couple of things grew legs and walked out the room. So keep all valuables in safety deposit box. We went at the wrong time of season as september has a lot of mosquitos. Ithink they all had a bite of me, Its quite noisy round about the hotel but the hotel itself has its own music and entertainment. The pool was cleaned ([+]view more) daily but kept freezing cold. Which is a good hangover cure the porters are fantastic and very friendly. The bar staff gave us a lot of entertainment making us our own cocktails. They are very good experienced at there job we hope to see them next year as we will definately be back next year. We highly recommend this hotel for familys with children as they are very child friendly. All in all we had a fantastic time!!! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No jane | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We arrived back 27/08/05 after a fantastic first holiday in Bulgaria. Be aware though that there are two sun palace hotels in sunny beach, the one we stayed in is just off the main resort centre - approx 30secs to main street and 1 min to georgeous golden sandy beach. The main hotel is lovely and clean with small shop, main bar and small games room. It has two pools one indoor which is absolutely freezing but really nice. The staff were very nice and friendly but we found the guys on the bar were very laid back and it took ages to get a drink sometimes. The breakfast was geared for other nationalities (not that we were ever up for it) but ([+]view more) there is an excellent place 1st right if you go out the back way. If you eat in the hotel in the evening go early cos it goes, we found it was the same food everynight adequate and cooked really well but not thrilling. The hotel puts on a little entertainment and they play music around the pool, which was good but they do love the dirty dancing cd. We had one of the larger family rooms with a very large balcony which was fine but they need to get rid of the carpets as they past there best before date. We would stay there again, the location is A1, we'd give it 7/10.
The beach, bars and restaurants are excellent and prices are excellent too. The most expensive and best night out we had was a meal, show and disco that cost about £40 for 4 adults and 2 kids including starters, main, afters and drinks all night. The approx charge for main meals including entertainment is £3 - £4 per person. The cheapest large beer (Bulgarian lager/beer is great) was 35p buy one get one free, but the average price is about 60p. The resort has loads to offer, some of the things we did were mini golf, ten pin bowling, 3D cinema, magicians show, british nights, karaoke, plus loads of different shows. The Bulgarian people are very friendly but in shops buy stuff that is already priced as they will hike the price up if they think you'll pay it. The clothes are excellent value so don't pack loads before you go. You can buy any type of uk cigs for around £16 for 200 but I'd recommend Victory dark blue, I usually smoke superkings, about 50p a pack. We loved sunny beach for sunbathing, shopping, entertainment, eating out and drinking - you could eat every meal in a different place and still not visit them all, and we're going back next year before they go into the EU. If you've not already booked, the best hotels seem to be the chaika beach and Victoria right on the beach but I imagine they're expensive, but for value for money the sun palace is fine.
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Manda | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Arrived in Bugaria at the Sun Palace, after staying in the Saturn Hotel a Year earlier. The Sun Palace was vey clean and staff very friendly. The Hotel was very close to ameneties, restaurants, bars etc... though it was out of range from the "Boom Boom" of the strip and XL night club at the foot of the Kuban. The pool was well maintained (Unlike the Saturns!) and the bar served excellent meals which were great value for money. The bar staff were also a good laugh and always willing to help n cater for your snacking and drinking needs! They constantly have a Happy Hour on from 10am, (Which is essential for us young 'uns!) the poolside was ([+]view more) also well maintained, they had a regular DJ who played the latest and best tunes, and also the pool table was one of the best around too!! The room was admittedly quite basic though it did have a fridge and a tele with ENGLISH channels!! Every corridor and room in the hotel was spotless the reception was immaculate and very modern, they had a little shop for essentials on the ground floor of the hotel and the restaurant / breakfast area was vast, Although the food wasn't that appetizing, i would recommed to eat out, but avoid the Four Towers restaurant and the smaller tavernas as the food isn't up 2 much! At the Four Towers the food is just short of disgusting and prices aren't that reasonable! (each time, this year and the last, when we dined in there, at least two of our party members had CHRONIC sickness and diahorrea!!) Avoid buyin Copy DVD's though the trainers and football shirts are well worth the money! If buying Footy shirts, see Nicky, Just at the front of the Hotel Saturn, he's got the best quality shirts and best priced too!! Also check out the best night spot in Sunny Beach, which is Evo's Bar at the Rear of the Hotel Saturn, Very reasonable prices, Great service, many regulars return to see this man year after year after year! He is the most friendliest Bulgarian u want to meet, he will make any 1 feel welcome, he will have a crack with any 1 and treats every 1 as his best customer! he is very cheeky and vey cute, he is rangers mad but gaurenteed to make your holiday!! Go and pay him a visit!! overall we had a great time great hotel great weather and excellent value for money!!! Me and the clan are returning next year, July 11th 05!! Can't wait!! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No lee family | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful we returned from this hotel on tuesday 14th september 2004, . what a great hotel. very friendly staff and a spotless huge family room. only gripe was no balcony as above reception but a small price to pay for such a good room. i would say roughly half british half germans at the hotel with the ususal continental breakfast , but outside in the bbq garden you can get fried eggs and also delicious pancakes.the pool bar staff were excellent and could not do enough for you and were brilliant with our children. the hotel is right in the middle of the resort, so there is some noise but not excessive. we would have booked to go again next year but ([+]view more) it is upgrading to a 4* half board and we prefer bed and breakfast. the 2* part was a complete dump we had a friend staying there and the rooms are horrid and very noisy as the karaoke bar is right next door. all in all a very good hotel (3*) and would recommend. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No carson family from tyneside | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful WE HAD A GREAT TWO WEEK HOLIDAY AT THIS HOTEL, ARRIVED BACK IN UK ON 9th AUGUST 2004. WE STAYED IN THE 3* HOTEL. IT WAS VERY CLEAN AND WE HAD NO COMPLAINTS, THE STAFF WERE FINE. THE BREAKFASTS WERE GEARED TO THE GERMANS, SO WHAT - THIS IS NOT ENGLAND. WE HAD A GREAT TIME TRAVELLING ABOUT BY TAXI AND VISITED NESSEBAR 3 TIMES. WE SPOKE TO MANY GUESTS WHO WERE STAYING IN THE 2* ANNEX, WE DID'NT GO IN BUT WE HEARED IT WAS VERY POOR. THE RESORT IS VERY COMMERCIALISED, BUT THERE IS NOTHING YOU CANNOT BUY, STAY AWAY FROM THE COPY DVD's AND CD's. THE PIZZA PALACE IS THE BEST RESTAURANT - THEY SERVE GOOD BULGARIAN FOOD AND COLD DRAUGHT BULGARIAN ([+]view more) BEER. ALL IN ALL WE WILL GO BACK SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. A GREAT HOIDAY HAD BY ME, MY WIFE, AND TWO SON AGED 14 AND 9. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Paul Higson | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Ive just come back from a two week holiday in bulgaria where we stayed in the hotel sun palace. We stayed in the 2* section. When we got there at 3am i was given my room key and straight away Compensation. What a great start!! When we were shown to our room it was in a building which was described as a cow shed by a 10yr old boy who was also staying there. We were led down an unlit alley which smelled of urine and which made me gag. Our room door was not a good fit and frame was loose. Once in the room i knew why we were givin compensation (which worked out to be £7.50 per person!) The bathroom was a mess, the shower didnt work, the ([+]view more) room was covered in damp spots, the toilet didnt flush properly all the time and you had three shelves in which to place all the clothes from two adults!! Not to mention loose wires from lights!! All other 2* rooms in other block were fine but not ours. Also there were a family of stray cats living on our balcony. Great for some who is alergic to cats!! The hotel its self was very nice but the pool was a bit small and breakfast was very boring and seemed more catered to german guests. The staff were very friendly but could not always understand english so you sometimes got a different drink to what you ordered!! So stick to beer. They know what that is!!! So if you go to this hotel this yr go 3* But they are doing a lot of work this yr after summer so hopefully it should be better. However I would not stay at this hotel again. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No jayne turner | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful i visited the sun palace in october 2003, i had a brilliant time there. the hotel was very clean and the people were very friendly. my only problem was the pool, it wasn't heated, but that didnt spoil our holiday. i stayed in the 3*section of the hotel, i dont have any complaints about that at all. A must place to go for a good cheap drink is Millies english bar, plenty for the kids to do, plenty of good offers on the drinks too. All in all i give the whole Bulgarian experience 10 out of 10. Me and my [artner will definetly visit again soon. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Alison | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful I got back from Sunny Beach on the 16th August.
I thought Sun Palace was a nice hotel. The staff in the hotel are ok, but the bar pool staff are ignorant and either stoned or drunk most of the time. The food in the pool bar is rank. Dont eat it!
The 2* rooms are horrid and are noisy next to the karaoke bar. The actual Orion Karaoke bar was very good for a drunken night out, but the DJ's a bit odd.  The 3* rooms are lovely and you can't hear anything from the karaoke bar because the windows are triple glazed. I liked the food in the hotel. It was a lot better than anywhere else. The breakfasts were very good.
Overall ([+]view more) I thought that Sunny Beach was ok, but the food put me off going again. Oh and the Bulgarian women are bitchy towards the english girls. Not a clue why though.
Eat at the malina - The bar B Q is excellent.
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Mr Spencer | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Come back from Bulgaria Sunny Beach on 9 August and I must say that Sunny beach is nice but lacks alot of character and reminds me of a small Blackpool(tacky). Hotel Sun Palace where do we start the main point is that the difference between 2* and 3* is miles apart we stopped in the 2* and even though it was clean it was very old compared to the brand new 3*. Our room was 10m away from the Karioke bar and right outside our door was the public toilet where i suppose the tramps and taxi drivers that loiter in the grounds frequently use. That karioke bar was a disgrace carrying on till 5am in the morning and this is no joke as when it starts ([+]view more) emtying everbody walks past your balcony shouting at the top of their voices. When we finally got through to the rep his answer was don't worry they are knocking down the 2* next year what a load of bull it still is in the 2004 brochure Balken Holidays. The Hotel staff were ignorant and don't seem to have any time for anybody but the Germans.  If I was going back to Bulgaria I advise everyone not to book any less than 3* otherwise your asking for it. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Rebecca Spencer | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We had the great mis-fortune to have to spend 2 weeks in the 2* and put up with the noise fron the karaoke bar (10metres from our room) every night until 4am and later. We tried desperately to move to the 3* butr got no joy or help from either the Balakn rep otr the hotel staff. Bulgaria was cheap but I'm afraid this will be our first and only visit. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Karin | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Sun Palace 3* very good, centrally located, close to main street & only a few minutes from the beach.  Rooms very clean. 3* is very highly recommended, however a word of warning - DON'T BOOK the 2* accommodation, it is an adjacent block that resembles a prison, ancient, dilapidated & tiny. We booked the 2* but had to pay extra to get out and in to 3*, it was money well spent. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Karen Kidd | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Just back from bulgaria a few days ago.  This hotel was excellent.  Very clean.  Helpful staff, good location.  The resort has plenty for all ages and is very cheap.  Will be returning next year to the same hotel. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No kate | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful We went to bulgaria in july 2002. We stayed in the hotel sun palace it wasnt quite finished (pool & bar) when we arrived but the staff were very helpful & friendly. The rooms are great and you cant fault the staff or the food. We enjoyed it so much we will be returning again this summer! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No