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Sunny beach, Bulgaria

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paul and jan | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful We were allocation on arrival. As soon as we got off the bus my boyfriend said dont unpack as we are not stopping. We were so depressed that 1st night. The next day there were about 8 people complaining about the state of the place, it really is a dump. How it gets any star rating is a mystery to us.We paid extra to stay at Hotel Smolian, supposedly same star rating but out of this world in comparison. Our holiday would have been ruined if we had stayed there. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Graham and Dot | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful This hotel is an absolute disgrace, we went for our first holiday as a couple and booked allocation on arrival (something that will never happen again). The rooms were shocking and flea infested as we both were bitten quite badly. On return to the uk our GP confirmed this. The smell from the carpets was unbearable and the beds were nothing more than camp beds with a very dodgy wooden frame around them. I'm not even going to mention the green lagoon they called the 'pool'. The place should be pulled down and never ever mentioned again. Despite all of this Sunny beach is still a very nice destination but our advice would be to know where you are going to stay or you mightend up in this shithole! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Carole Clipsham | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful I VISITED THE LILLIA HOTEL WAY BACK IN MAY 2006. MAY I SAY NEVER AGAIN. I HAVE NEVER STOPPED ANYWHERE AS DISGUSTING AS THIS DUMP FOR THE WANT OF A BETTER WORD. THE ROOMS STUNK. I KNOW BECAUSE I HAD THREE OF THEM. NUMBER 1 THE SINK FELL OFF THE WALL NUMBER 2 THE SHOWER DIDNT WORK NUMBER THREE I HAD TO PUT UP WITH. THE TOWELS WERE NOT CLEAN NOR THE BEDDING! THE HOTEL WAS FALLING APART AT MY FEET !!!!WHILE I WAS THERE. THE ROOF FELL IN IN THE FRONT OF MY ROOM! THE WINDOWS AND DOORS WOULD NOT LOCK! AND NOBODY WOULD DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT FOR ME !!!!!! I WILL WARN EVERBODY DO NOT DO IT !!!! HOLIDAY FROM HELL Was this review helpful to you? Yes No sheba | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful hotel lilia was not that bad it was not the niceist hotel there but it provided the basic needs but the rooms were a bit too small . Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Lisa | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful I have just arrived back from Hotel Lilia. This hotel is absolutely appaling. The rooms are small, dirty and smelly. The bathroom is absolutely disgusting! During my stay a number of sinks fell off the bathroom wall. The decor is very unattractive! The grout in the shower room is dirty and the water often cold! The towels and bed sheets smell of Body Odour!! The hotel has what they call a pool, I would call it a hot tub! The water was never cleaned which resulted in green slime! One man did get in and couldn't stand up it was that slippy. He was then sick for two days. Breakfast is served on a pool table - with flies circling the table and landing on the food!!There is ([+]view more) a lack of toliet paper, unhygenic blood on the sheets! The roof is falling off the building. They have the cheek to charge you 3 Levs to use the sunbed which are only big enough for children. I was also told that a girl was raped in the hotel while her husband was at the bar. The reps deny this and give you no warning. This place needs closing down!!!!!!! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No K. Stowar | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful There are no words to express how bad the Hotel Lilia really is, from the stagnant pool which you have to pay for, to the towels which when changed aren't changed for new ones, but someone elses!!!! The staff are rude and surly, but this is almost understandable as after a week there I had virtually lost the will to live. Please please never stay there if you can avoid it so it can be shut down!!!! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Lisa from Durham | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Please do not book allocation on arrival or you might end up here - we did for our honeymoon! We arrived at the hotel and it looks nothing like it does in the picture above it is a run down darn dingy place looks very dated. We got inside were given our key and found out where we were going we arrived at our dorr which was made of chip board (very secure and safe!) we walked in and the room was tiny it smelt there was no air con no fans nothing it was smelt damp. the bathroom consists of a toilet shower and basin, the basin had a hugh crack in it the shower was hanging off the wall and whenever ou did use the shower you were showering with the toilet, the water did not ([+]view more) drain away properly so the toilet brush ended up floating nopt very hygenic at all. The cleaners did not clean the room so it was scummy and dirty, myself and my husband got bitten all over, had to go to the doctors when i got home and im now taking tablets and cream for them, doctor also infomed me they were bed bugs or fleas that had bitten me. the roof was crumbling and birds were nesting in it. It had a swimming pool but the sort you would get from argos the woodedn type and assemble yourself, its was green and slimy, nto the colour it should be, and you also had to pay each time you wanted to use it. the breakfast was disgusting it was cold stale hard and hard flies all over it. 1 man sat on his toilet and the sink fell off and gashed his leg open, we arrived on the Monday night and a girl of 19 or 20 was raped there on the Wednesday night, a bulgarien man broke into her room, the hotel did not warn people staying here of this which in my opinion they should have. A loud buzzer went off everynight for about 20 mins thought it was the fire alarm but not, it was very noisy didnt stop till 6 or 7 in the morning so we got hardly any sleep whilst there. i had never been so glad to go home in all my life. My honey moon was ruined because of this hotel. As i said the cleaners did not clean your room and we even ran out of toilet roll!

please do not go to this hotel for your own safety, and certainly not allocation on arrival i know we weill never go allocation on arrival again.
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N & E Gillanders | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Accommodation on Arrival seems to be the only way they can get people to stay here. My husband and I arrived on 29th July 2006 for 2 weeks and were so disappointed that I sat on my bed and cried 2 days later begging to go home! If you knew where they were sending you, you would not have gone (on checking hotel reviews). The breakfast was always set out for 2 hours where flies and wasps landed on it and the 'hot' parts ie. sausages, fried eggs,scrambled eggs, were more often cold than warm. tea and coffee were luke warm and undrinkable.
The final straw was they asked us to pay every day to sit/swim at the pool, which was a glorified tub with chairs set around it. ([+]view more) Most of the guests refused to pay! Good for them. We went next door to a much nicer pool.
And yes, there was a rape on the lower floor the first week we stayed there.
Our Rep promised to 'get our bathroom cleaned up' but it never happened.
Don't go to Bulgaria unless you are booked into 4 star minimum. The most annoying thing is that people staying in 4 star paid the same as we paid for the crap we had paid for.
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annemarie higgins | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful this must be the worst hotel ive ever stayed in ,its a disgusting, filthy hovel fleas are the only occupants that like this stinking cesspit. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Flo Steele | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Simply put there are NO positive points about this hotel. I would not recommend this hotel even if my life depended on it.

I can only tell the truth!
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Mandy from York | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Just arrived back from the worst nightmare you could emagine. Im a single parent, so my daughter and i booked to go to Bulgaria, alocation on arrival. It was 3am, we were both looking forward to just falling into bed and getting our heads down. We pulled up outside this dark, old, run down building that didnt look inviting at all. The rep didnt even get off the bus, i think she knew what our reaction would be. Inside was dark, unkept and uninviting. The staff were the same, they passed us a key and pointed in the direction we needed to go. Walking to the room was quite a shock, the door was made of chip board and not painted. When we opeded it the smell hit you. It had ([+]view more) old carpet on the floor, the furniture was old and marked and the beds were like camp beds with really old smelly bedding on. The bathroom had bugs and little worm like creatures on the floor and the toilet was disgustingly dirty. We were horrified, my daughter (13yrs) slept in her clothes and wouldnt get into bed. I did and got bitten all over my body (which turned out to be lice and fles bites). On top of all that the noise was horendouse, it stoped about 6am. We asked the rep to move us, he said that every where would be full, but he would try. So in the afternoon my daughter and i went round some of the hotels to see if they had reservations. Guess what they did! The rep rang back and said every where was full. So i went into a hotel myself, it cost me our spending money but at least it was clean and we could relax. When i went for the bus back to the airport to go home, i found out that a woman had been raped in her room at the Lilia while her husband was at the bar. Thank God i never stayed there, it doesnt bare thinking about. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No debbie rigby | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful As the coach jerked to a halt i couldn't help but be impressed by the appearance of our accomodation. We walked into the hotel Lilia and was greeted with a warm welcome by the staff, the staff explained all the mod cons available to us.We were given a key to our room after, the staff had helped us with our cases to our room.The room was bright and spacious ,it was very clean with fresh flowers on the table. Our beds were a good size with tempur mattress how lucky are we. We unpacked then checked out all the ammenaties on offer.The swimming pool was a good size with lots of people enjoying a swim.The dinning room was very clean and was serving an abundance of hot and cold ([+]view more) food,you could have a choice of a hot english breakfast,or lots of cheese and an array of different ham. you could fill up on breakfast for the day on the wide and varied choices laid out before you. I just felt like a lottery winner and knew i couldn't help but enjoy myself at this beautiful hotel.......... Then, as the coach jerked to a halt and i was awoken from my beautiful dream, i was told we had arrived at the Lilia Hotel.
I couldn't help but be dissapointed at the way we were un-ceremoniously dumped from the coach and left to our oun devices. The hotel wasn't even clearly signed in English. The coach drove off..... thanks for the help Balkan rep. From the outside it looked delapidated, wandering into the reception area, Spartan is the word that springs to mind. The staff member we dealt with was sullen and curtly took our name, our passports, slid a key over the counter and pointed to a door. A mime artist? Tongue cut out? A mute? No, just a normal member of staff at the Lilia.
We lugged our luggage through the pointed-at door and along an open corridor. On entering our room i thought "oh dear!" it was small, very, very basic and a bit musty. The decoration was clean magnolia (the norm) but the furniture left a bit to be desired. It all looked at least 30 years old and painted, painted and painted again. Two straight backed dinning suite chairs, a small dresser? A mirror, portable t.v. and two beds (single). These beds were box frames with matresses sat inside them. Pushed together to make a double, you then had two great wooden ridges right up the centre of the bed (comfortable? NOT!) The carpet, my mum had this carpet in the late sixty's early seventy's. The bathroom was dirty, just plain dirty. Hot water was hit and miss the later the evening wore on. A small balcony/ verranda faced onto a very busy road with traffic passing 24/7. Being about 10 metres from this road and on the groud floor, if you wanted to sit outside, you were right there with the public. I'm sure from time to time i actually caught looks of sympathy on the faces of passers-by. This hotel has no swimming pool, but i would say that while i was there the hotel staff were building a B&Q style do-it-yourself swimming pool, not sunk in to ground level but raised up about 4 feet high. Don't get your hopes up for a good swim. Its only about 12 foot by 6 foot wide. breakfast consisted of swiss style of cheeses, ham and pancakes. English was cold fried eggs,cold scrambled eggs and cut up sausages. It seemed like everthing that should have been hot, must have been cooked at 5 in the morning. tea and coffee urns were in use. I live for a cuppa of a morning, but was greeted with grey tea, someone needs to tell them you only use a tea bag once. We had been there a week when all of a sudden all the staff said hello, smiles were given, laughs were heard it made people a little weary, my you it only lasted a day. balkan reps were harrassed on a daily basis by people complaining. While putting this on the comment site we are all asked to print the nice stuff as well.......and all i can truly say is the coach trip out of alcatraz was the highlight of this holiday ........
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kevin foley | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful my wife and i plus 2 friends got an accomadation on arrival holiday, and ended up at the lilia. we are on a limited budget so we were not expecting the hilton, but we got the other extreme. the lilia is best described as a doss house. it has nothing in its favor. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No K.Johnston | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful After visiting Bulgaria in 2004 my family and I expected high standards and quality of accomodation. We requested not to be sent to Sunny Beach as the previous year we had heard horror stories of bugs, raw food, loud late night party goers and bad service. However, we were told on arrival (June, 2005) that Sunny Beach was our destination and determined not to be discouraged we sat on the coach for the journey to our hotel. We passed various hotels which looked tacky and masked the true charm of a Bulgarian coastal town and hoped that ours was understated. The last stop was Hotel Lilia. The response from the remaining holiday makers was negative. From the outside Hotel ([+]view more) Lilia is dirty, worn down and old. We were later told its the oldest hotel in Sunny Beach. We wondered whether the interior was as old as the hotel. It was. Walking through the entrance to the Reception, a communal TV area greeted us. The floor was dirty and the staff noticebly rude to the new arrivals. The keys were given to us and were told that breakfast would be served at 7am-10am. We made our way up the steep stairs and the landing bore broken down fridges and refridgerators, water was pouring from the doors. The doors of the rooms were rotten and damp and down the open corridoor toilets and their contents could be smelt. The rooms were small, dirty, smelly and badly lit. Used cotton buds were found under the matresses and music banged throughout the night. The Televisions in the rooms provided youngsters with inappropriate channels and at one point through our stay a young boy ran across our balcony to the next one to avoid waking his food poisoned mother. The stay in Bulgaria was unpleasent and could easily have been avoided through stay in a different hotel. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No T.BAUMBER | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful This "hotel" (hostel, would be more accurate) is supposed to be 2-star rated. I don't know who does the rating, as it would struggle to get one star in most holiday brochures.
It is scruffy, rundown and badly maintained.
We arrived on 31-08-05 and left the next day. (as did 17 other families).
The Rep (who was so laid-back that he didn't seem to give a damn) was bombarded with complaints from all directions. He finally came up with an upgraded hotel (which cost us a further £93 per person).
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Tara | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Hotel Lilia is a dump. We had allocation on arrival, we were told it was to be hotel from the book, but instead we were placed in the Lilia. If it was in the book, no one would ever book to go there. It definatly is not a 2 star and i wouldn't even rate it a 1 star. The hotel is dirty. The maid never once came in our room to clean. The doors are rotten and falling to bits. You get dirty feet after walking on the carpets. The staff are unfriendly and unhelpful. The children of the staff were throwing stones at the windows of the rooms. The noise from outside continues to about 6am. The food is terrible, i didn't touch any of it. Some people had ants under the mattresses. ([+]view more) I got several bites on my legs in the first couple of days. On day 3 we were moved to a 3 star hotel, it cost £100 each. I know of 6 other couples who moved for the same reasons as us. There were also many who stayed because they could not afford to move. I stayed in the Lilia from the 11th aug to the 14th. It was the worst hotel i ever stayed in, and definatly not worth the money you pay for your holiday. I have stayed in Bulgaria before, so i have a good idea of what you get for your money, and the standard. And the Lilia has no standards at all. When you move hotel, the staff search your room before you can go to make sure you have not stolen of broken anything. There is nothing to steal or break! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No BROWN FAMILY | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful This is the very worst hotel I have very seen or had the misfortune tostay at. We have just come back from 2 weeks of living hell at this hotel. We also were allocate on arrival 2 star I went to the Balkan rep who told me we would have to pay £900 to be moved ,he said that the only way we would be changed if I payed the money. I could not and would not pay this so we had to stay. The room we had smelt of smoke, was dirty, had burnt seats , very old furniture, damp beds,insects. Each night We had to stay out till 1.30am each night as it was so noisy with people shouting and singing in the street till 5/6am each night. The staff on the reception were very unhelpful, ([+]view more) when other people left the hotel the staff tried to charge people for stealing towels, sheets or blankets, all of which was a con and if peopledid not pay the money they. with held their white form that you needed for going home at the airport. I am writing a letter to Balkan holidays and I have taken photos of the hotel I have also phoned the programme Holidays from hell. I think that Balkan holidays use these 2star hotels knowing that people will take one look and pay hundreds of pounds to be moved. I fell very sorry for everyone else that will have to go through what my family and all the people that have ever had to stay at this horrible hotel. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Luke McDonald | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Ignore the other review about Lilia being a 3-4 star hotel, it's not. Even 2 stars are generous! We had read the above review and arrived at the airport on 'allocation on arrival' and was allocated hotel Lilia, so were really happy given the other reviews we had read (e.g. hotel Continental & Krystal). When we arrived at the hotel, it looked rundown & scruffy and as we entered some guests sat outside said 'beware' which we didn't really pay attention to as we were checking-in (reception is a hole in the wall). The rooms are VERY basic and the front doors to the rooms are falling apart and have huge gaps at the bottom. However, they were clean and the cleaner came ([+]view more) every morning. You're supposed to have clean towels every 3-4 days and clean sheets once a week. We had to ask for both of these. Also, the hotel is 10 MINUTES WALK FROM THE BEACH (and there isn't a pool) - not opposite the beach as the other review suggests and is situated on the main road which is VERY noisy at night (groups of drunken people coming past whistling/shouting at 3 & 4am after the clubs shut). Other than that, we didn't really have any major problems, although some guests were bitten by mosquitos and had bad reactions & had to get injections off the doctor. Others claimed that they were bitten by fleas in the bed and one couple claimed that they were bitten by spiders and had killed 4 of them in their room (these all happened on the ground floor - so suggest you get a 1st floor room!).
Everyone (and I mean everyone) that arrived at the hotel during our stay immediately asked to be moved. The first impression is that bad - although after a few days you just accept it and get on with your holiday. You can be moved, but it will cost at least £150 per person. Like I said, we came allocation on arrival and at the end of the day, you pay your money & take a chance. If you want a nice hotel, my suggestion is to pick one out of the brochure that is at least 3 star, but preferably 4 star.
We stayed in Hotel Lilia, Sunny Beach, 2 August 2004 - 16 August 2004.
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John McWilliams | 1 out of 2 found this review helpful Very clean and staff was friendly. This hotel should likely be rated 3-4 instead of 2.  Wonderful old town surrounds the hotel with shopping, entertainment, and a variety of food establishments within walking distance.  Hotel faces the beach.  The rooms are spacious and views spectacular.  You can rent a bike for two and peddle around the town or dance late into the night Was this review helpful to you? Yes No