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Sunny beach, Bulgaria

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Comments for Iskar Hotel Sunny beach

Irmengard Osmundsvaag | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful My stay got a bad start when my passport, money and mobilephone were stolen from beside my pillow when I was asleep in a locked room. Startour guides were very helpfull but hotel staff showed no interest. Otherwise the hotel was OK with a nice pool area. Room cleaning was excellent.
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susanne rylin | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful me and my boyfriend can recommend the hotel iskar. two weeks the stay in augusti this year. it was the second time we was her. i came back next year i juli 2006.i miss the place alreade. iam not good to write english. iam from sweden. nothing negativt about the iskar.only good. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sissel | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Hotel Iskar is a very good hotel as we can recommend. We have lived there twice and vill come back in July 2005..... just the staff in the breakfast room could be more friendly... then all had been very nice. love from Sandefjord in Norway... we meets again:) Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Roberto | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Well what to say about Hotel Iskar...? We stayed there during tree weeks in August 2004... The staff at the front desk could bee more friendly...but only the staff in the reception, I just had to say that the piccolos were very friendly... they took care of our older garndmother as If she was a quuen or something like that.... And when we have stayed ther for two weeks they gave us one of the suites at the hotel....with a wonderful wiev....... Daily maid service isn¨t bad at all... but Its hard to speak with them because most of them don¨t speak english...

I can really recomen this hotel for your next holiday!! I´llbe there next summer again...
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Jens Bay-Andersen | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Regarding Hotel Iskar, Sunny Beach Bulgaria. We were supposed to spend a week, at Hotel Iskar, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. We were travelling with StarTour / Fritidsrejsor, and have often used their Hotels and resorts. We always select the hotels, they rate as "Blue Star" or "Blue Village". These ratings have in our experience been synonymous with hotels, where everything works, things are neat, and facilities are above standard, everything and you will return from your vacation rested, with your batteries recharged. This was not so in Hotel Iskars case. How StarTour could grant the "Blue Star" rating to this place is beyond this (ex-) guest’s ([+]view more) comprehension. The reasons follow:
Negative items:
The flat and furniture appears worn, and slightly sleazy.
Noise level is extremely loud. Bars and Discotheques just down the road, keep blasting away all night.
Our flat was on the 11. floor, not directly facing the bars / discotheques. None of us got any sleep that night due to the noise. I even used earplugs (same type I use when operating power tools) but this was insufficient. But don't worry. When the discotheques shut down at about 4 AM you have a few hours, before the building
workers directly across the street starts up. Didn't I mention construction is going on everywhere?
The hotel has no air-condition, so if you close the windows (as we tried), to shut out the noise, we measured the temperature to 30 degrees Centigrade, and humidity was above 90.
The curtains could only be drawn or opened with extreme difficulty, since the "gliders" were rusted to the curtain rod. Previous guests had already torn several of the “gliders” from the curtain rod.
The stove, looked like something constructed at a tractor factory
The pots and pans had been constructed along the lines of bowler-hats. They were so rounded, that only a small part of it, would be in contact with the stove at any given time, causing the food to burn on part of the pan, while everything else remained uncooked.
Don't figure on frying the eggs, and later the bacon on the pan, there is no brush or soap, to clean the burnt eggs from the pan. You will just have to wait until housekeeping has cleaned the flat.
The fridge lacked the bar in the door, which normally holds bottles in place, so nothing could be stored in the door.
The toilet was quite a challenge. If you threw a few pieces of toilet paper in it, and flushed 5 times, they would be there. The only way to get rid of it was to break it up with the toilet brush, and flush numerous times.
Whilst on the subject.... think twice before leaving anything larger in the toilet...
Water seemed to leak onto the floor of the bathroom, we suspected the toilet, but were unable to confirm it.
Positive Items:
A very nice pool area with big interconnecting pools.
The Pool area is, as opposed to many other pools in Sunny Beach, set slightly back from the paths and
roads, which affords the guests some degree of privacy.
Green areas and some trees surround pool area.
Few minutes walk to the beach tourist shops.
Anything above a “2 Star” rating is misleading.
If you are in your early twenties, don't mind continuous noise and sleep deprivation, don't care about how your room looks, then this might be the right choice for you. If not think twice.
As a final remark, we later discovered, friends of ours had stayed at Hotel Iskar last year for two weeks. They almost got a divorce, as a result of frayed nerves brought about by sleep deprivation.
We got out in time (we left Iskar after 24 hours).
Good Luck
Jens (Denmark)
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Norway | 1 out of 2 found this review helpful The Iskar hotel is the most prettist i never have seen. I have been there two times. It is very good service and nice around. Nice pool to. From yours friends from Norway Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sanna | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Stayed at Hotel Iskar two summers ago and we're going back this summer (2003). We travelled with "the youngest tourist in Sunny Beach" as our new born daughter was called. The staff at the hotel were ok, not especially serviceminded but quite normal. The swimming pool area was nice and the distance to the beach was short. There are lots of restaurants in the area and it is nice listening to the music at night. (Some might be offended, but they should not travel here)The people working in the area were very friendly and loved babies and small children. we also got to know a family working there during the summers and now we're exchanging ([+]view more) letters and Christmas gifts etc.
We really look forward to come back to this great place for both the adults, the children and last but not least- the wallet...The prices are LOW! We love it!
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